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Flowers and F150 Freakout | Sharon

So Steve and I experienced some post-Christmas frustration yesterday. No, not from Boxing Day madness. Yes, from each other. Read more…

24 Hours in Hong Kong | Sharon

I have been in Hong Kong for 5 days and it has been both exciting and absolutely exhausting. I just celebrated my grandfather’s 100th birthday and he was in great spirits. We had his party at the Hong Kong Jockey Club and celebrated with members of my family I didn’t even know existed. My grandfather’s secret to success? He has no idea. But he takes walks after every meal, goes to the library regularly, and eats fully Chinese cuisine…even the creamy stuff (organs, various animal extremities, etc.) …So exercise, read, and eat Chinese food – Works for me! Read more…

Hong Kong and Hobbies | Steve

I am definitely not able to write as much as my lovely girlfriend but I thought I would update everyone with what is going on. Shar had a safe (but long) flight to Hong Kong. Instead of being crammed next to tons of other people she had a pod which had a selection of movies and televsion shows… I was jealous. Read more…

15 hours | Sharon

I just spent a wonderful evening at the Sutton Place Hotel with Steve last night and woke up on the morning of our anniversary. That’s the best isn’t it? Waking up and cozying up with the one you love. I guess it’s more exciting for us because we still don’t have a place to call our own, and every chance we get to play house is exciting. Read more…

Welcome to our world.

Hello friends!

Today, December 9 2011, is a regular day to many but for us, it is our FIVE SIX YEAR (Click here for clarification) anniversary and the official launch date of our blog! *Celebratory cheer*

As of today, we will blog about our lives, each other, the good, the bad, the embarrassing, the frustrating, and everything in between that we share together. This will be a log of the things we go through in our relationship – things that may come up in many relationships – and it will be our take on how we deal with and get through them. Every relationship is different, and this is ours.

We are best friends, high school lovers, and  head over heels for each other. This is our world and we invite you to join us for the ride!


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