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15 hours | Sharon

I just spent a wonderful evening at the Sutton Place Hotel with Steve last night and woke up on the morning of our anniversary. That’s the best isn’t it? Waking up and cozying up with the one you love. I guess it’s more exciting for us because we still don’t have a place to call our own, and every chance we get to play house is exciting.

It is Friday evening almost passing through midnight to Saturday…and I am at the airport. I will be leaving shortly for a 15 hour trip to Hong Kong.  I am going to be celebrating a major milestone in my family – my paternal grandfather’s 100th birthday! He has been alive for a whole century, and is still of sound mind, enjoys daily walks, and trips to the library.  Admittedly, I’m not very close to my grandfather. I never got to develop a very deep relationship with my grandfather due to language barriers, he’s slightly hard of hearing, and just the general nature of relationships with your Chinese elders.

However, I’ll be sure to ask his secret and share it with you folks!

My family isn’t like Steve’s family, which consists of 23948204723957 people. I still haven’t had a chance to meet his extended family in Montreal, but hopefully one day we’ll make it over there! I used to always be self consious about us being from different backgrounds (Chinese and Italian) and worried that our families wouldn’t want us to be together, but that isn’t the case and we’re lucky not to have to deal with that. Family is so important to me and any chance I get to grow my family is amazing so hopefully Steve and I can make that trip to Montreal soon… 🙂

Anyways, almost boarding time. I’ll be missing Steve like crazy, especially after such a great evening together, and I can’t to see him when I get back!


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