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Hong Kong and Hobbies | Steve

I am definitely not able to write as much as my lovely girlfriend but I thought I would update everyone with what is going on. Shar had a safe (but long) flight to Hong Kong. Instead of being crammed next to tons of other people she had a pod which had a selection of movies and televsion shows… I was jealous.

So Cool

Shar is having a great time in Hong Kong. She hasn’t had too many opportunities to see her extended family so this is really good for her.  From what I have heard the shopping is supposed to be pretty amazing there. Sharon picked up a new phone – HTC Wildfire S. Moving from a Blackberry, this is her first experience with a touchscreen phone as well as the autocorrect functionality so I put the highlights below:

Sharon – Me terence and lizard are using This phone

Steve – uhh read last post

Sharon – Knapsack lmao

Steve – knapsack?lol

Sharon – Aufocorrect is killing me

Anyways while Sharon is out and about in HK I have been incredibly sick the past couple of days so I have been playing a lot of video games. When I have the energy I  have been learning more about 3d Modelling for games.  So far I have been able to transform a sphere into a balloon…its not that impressive but its a start lol.

Well that is all for me. Have a good night everyone!

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