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Long Distance in the Same City | Sharon

As many of you may know, I recently left my job in Downtown Toronto in the heart of the Financial District and have moved on to a new opportunity located north east of the city in the heart of suburbia. While moving to this new job was definitely a better career move for me, I think it has started to have some unintended effects on our relationship.

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Lemonade for your relationship – Work vs. Love | Sharon

Today is Monday, everyone’s least favourite day if you have the typical Mon-Fri routine at work. It’s the end of a weekend and the start of another less-than-exciting work week. Today is my last Monday at my current job so for me, this is the best Monday ever.

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Comics & Soul mates | Steve

If you have been following our twitter account @365daysofusblog we mentioned that I will soon be putting out comics.  There has been a slight delay but do not fear the first one will be posted next week! In the meantime, I thought I would share my inspiration for the first comic and one of my favorite Greek myths regarding love and soul mates.

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2012 Resolutions | Steve

Happy 2012! We hope everyone had a safe and happy New Years celebration and are ready to make this new year better than the last. In the spirit of starting off 2012 with a bang, we thought we’d share some of our new years resolutions as a couple:

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