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Long Distance in the Same City | Sharon

As many of you may know, I recently left my job in Downtown Toronto in the heart of the Financial District and have moved on to a new opportunity located north east of the city in the heart of suburbia. While moving to this new job was definitely a better career move for me, I think it has started to have some unintended effects on our relationship.

Quick recap: Steve and I do not live together – We are currently living at home and saving up enough to eventually get a place together. We do not own our own cars – Steve works downtown and his office is accessible via public transportation (train) and it’s more convenient to take that than to park daily in the city, and my new office is closer to my home and also accessible by public transportation (bus).

When I worked downtown, Steve and I would often be train buddies heading home or try to grab a quick dinner after work. I’ve realized now that I’ve moved out of the downtown core, the little opportunities that did have before no longer work out for us. During the week, it’s even tougher now for us to see each other due to overlapping work schedules, late nights, and commuting from different areas on different types of transportation. We only really catch up with daily phone calls or Skype, and then see each other over the weekend.  It feels like a weird long distance/local relationship hybrid. We are so close to each other and yet somehow it’s so difficult to actually physically see other during the week.

I know we’ll make it work because we want to, but it’s just one of those issues that kind of catch you off guard sometimes. It’s still early days and every new schedule takes some getting used to in order to get back into the swing of things. Taking our own advice from our previous post, we’ll find this as an opportunity to make some lemonade and see how creative we can be to make this situation work out for us and find our groove again.

Every challenge big or small is a chance to grow, so this is our little test at the moment to see how we can make our relationship less long distance and more long lasting.

Does anyone have any tips/ideas or can share how they’ve dealt with not seeing their partners?

Until next time! – S.xo

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