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FIGHTS! | Steve

I have been debating on whether or not I should post articles about arguments Shar and I have had. It is incredibly personal but at the same time our intention was to create this blog as a record of our relationship and arguments are apart of it. So on that note, last week was our first argument in our over 5-year relationship…

Just joking everybody. Wanted to make sure everyone was still paying attention! This isn’t even the first fight on this blog. Now I don’t want to give the wrong impression Shar and I are incredibly happy together and rarely have arguments but when we do, they revolve around just wanting to be together or having more time together.

Recently we have both become quite addicted to the whole groupon/teambuy/beyond the rack / jaunt craze and Sharon picked up circus school tickets which looked awesome but as time went on and our personal and work schedules pulled us in all directions we pushed the idea of the circus to the side. Understandably Shar was upset that we hadn’t gone yet and it was about to expire and brought up issues of not being able to see each other as often as we like and doing cool new things. This led to a heated argument over the phone (the worst way to have an argument) and both went to be angry.  Fortunately we were able to resolve it the next day even though we were both grumpy from not having a good nights rest. I think we both worry that we dont want our jobs to dictate our lives outside of work and I definitely dont want to wake up one day and realize we just do the same things over and over (like in Pleasantville).

In the end, our arguement helped us to take a step back from our hectic work lives and realize work can’t be our entire life. Taking my own advice, I bought tickets for us to go on a hot air balloon ride and we definitely won’t let that expire.

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2 thoughts on “FIGHTS! | Steve

  1. I saw that groupon/daily deal/fab find one too!

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