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Smelly socks on Valentines | Sharon

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! It’s that time of year again when red and pink and glittery things are everywhere, stuffed animals are shoved in our faces, and chocolates and flowers are everywhere we turn. This year, Steve and I have some special plans for this occasion. It involves none of the above but does include some old socks. 

Valentine’s Day has a different meaning for everyone and especially during different stages of relationships. During the course of our relationship, we’ve done the cute 1st Valentine’s Day card and stuffed animal + dinner combo all the way to spending a gross amount of money on expensive gifts to impress each other. Eventually, it came to a point where gifts and money can only get you so far and really at the end of the day it all boils down to simply appreciating your loved ones. For Steve and I, we choose not to celebrate this occasion on the actual day more so because of logistical reasons:

1) Restaurants are insanely crowded.

2) Everything is 2348320984x the actual regular price.

3) Really, what different is February 14 from the other days in the year?

Right now you might be wondering…so what do smelly socks have to do with all this? Oh yeah. Instead of buying into the Valentines craze, Steve has suggested a fun activity for us to do to share some special time together: We are going to make teddy bears out of his old socks (Don’t ask me where he got this idea). But anyway, who doesn’t want a cuddly bear that you can snuggle with that’s made from a guy’s old socks?! …..

All kidding aside, I absolutely love that even after 5 years, he still comes up with fun and creative things for us to do. We always try to come up with “firsts” – trying new things for the first time together. Craft time will be another first for us and I can’t wait to try this out. (We’ll make sure we share pics after we’ve made them!)

To me, Valentine’s Day is not a day for couples but is just really a reminder to enjoy and appreciate being with our loved ones and to tell those special people that we love them and love that they choose to remain in our lives even if we’re annoying and stupid sometimes. So whether you are spending the day with your family, your girlfriends, your guy friends, your friend with benefits, a first date or your partner in life, appreciate the special moments, the shared memories, and the fellow human being you are sharing a part of your heart with.

All of our love to you, our friends and amazing readers, on this love-filled day.


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