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GNO | Sharon

GNO aka Girls’ Night Out. Just because you’re dating doesn’t mean you can’t have a girls (or guys) night out!

Recently it was one of my best friend’s birthdays and not only that, it was her Champagne Birthday. Obviously, we had to celebrate! We booked a hotel room in downtown Toronto, had some delicious dinner at Mercato, and headed out for a girls night at Easy and the Fifth. It was great to get dressed up with the girls and hang out and talk, and dance the night away looking our best.

I really believe in spending quality time with friends and not letting your relationship take precedence over other aspects and people in your life. Steve means the world to me, but so do my friends. It’s important to remember that while a relationship is exciting and fun, especially new ones, ¬†friends have been around longer and they are the ones we lean on and who are there whether we are in a relationship or not.

Balance is essential. ¬†Relationships include friendships, and time with friends is just as important as time with your significant other. And also, it’s important to remind and encourage your significant other to spend time with their friends too.

Happy GNO-ing, friends!


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