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963km and 9.1 miles | Sharon

Another first for us: A mini getaway road trip to our nation’s capital, Ottawa, ON. 963km by car and 9.1 miles on foot later…we made it home!

Out on the open road!

Another first for us this past weekend. As my gift to Steve for his birthday, I organized a road trip for us since we had never done one together and Steve had been pretty stressed with work lately. So, Friday night after work we made the 5hr-ish drive to the capital. Driving at night time after a full week of working long hours was quite the adventure. So what if we couldn’t fully interpret the turns the GPS was telling us to make, made strange sound effects to stay awake or got delirious driving in a straight light in the darkness for hours, we made it to the Westin Hotel! Success! Our room was very nice, high up on the 20th floor and a great view of the city. The giant king bed was luxurious…especially after hours of sitting in the car and the shower was truly “heavenly” (it was called a Heavenly Shower). No seriously – it was a great shower. The water pressure was perfect. I care about these things, you know. Our weekend activities were wonderful as we explored the city and we decided we would just walk everywhere. Good thing I had my trusty TOMs 🙂

Highlights of our butt numbing 9.1 mile Saturday Ottawa walk include:

  • Byward Market: Super cute little market area that is very pedestrian friendly. We had brunch at Cafe 55 and enjoyed the sun and people watching on the patio. Checked out some neat little stores and a cool Moroccan food stall we never got the chance to go back to. Lots of artisan jewelry and interesting restaurants, wine bars, and independent stores. Also overdosed on beavertails. Om nom nom x infinity.
  • Major’s Hill Park: Gorgeous park with cool sculptures and bits of our history injected throughout art pieces and monuments. Very nice trails and overlooks the Rideau Canal and the lock, and you can see the Parliament Buildings on the other side.
  • Parliament Hill: Obvi. Where all the action happens when it comes to our nation! Felt a little patriotic to be standing there if I do say so myself. Also saw a Vietnamese demonstration (“Freedom of Vietnam!!”) so that was pretty neat.
  • Canadian Museum of Nature: Night at the Museum anyone?? I wish. Great museum with lots of jam packed exhibits and interactive things to do. A bit of a trek, but the weather was beautiful and Steve and I chatted and explored the whole way so the walk went by in a flash! My favourites: dinosaurs, blue whale special exhibit (those guys sure are BIG), children’s activities that obviously, we partook in (including but not limited to scanning grocery items equivalent to the amount of a food a bear eats – a certain birthday guy enjoyed this way too much – guess who games with birds, and doing etchings in the whale exhibit).
  • Food highlights: Beavertails. I said that already, but they’re so yummy I had to say it again. (I have to give props to Steve. I poo poo-ed beavertails at first until the maple butter one stole my heart.) Poutine – love affair with cheese curds. Smoked meat sandwiches – Smoked meat + Mustard + Pickle + Coleslaw = Extinction of hangry Sharon. Delicious speciality wine and apps from Vineyards.

The trip was just what we needed and a fantastic opportunity to get to know each other more and spend some quality time together. I love that after all this time together, we still learn new things about each other (i.e. Sharon gets sleep drunk – No, not as in she falls asleep after being drunk. Yes, in that she acts drunk when she is super tired. Steve likes to scan items at the cashier – A lot.).

We went without a plan or schedule, just ideas of things we could do, and just winged it all weekend and went where ever we felt like doing in the spur of the moment. It was wonderful. It’s awesome to have another “first” and revel in each other’s company. Travel does the relationship good. Go somewhere with your significant other and be spontaneous, carefree, and enjoy being in love!

Until our next adventure…!


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