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Surprises and Sun | Sharon

Have a little faith and the unknown can turn out extraordinary.

This past weekend was the Victoria Day Long Weekend and was a welcome 3-day break from work. The weather was perfect and so was the surprise weekend that Steve had planned for us!

Just so you know, I am a planner. I like to plan things and I’m usually the one that plans most outings and things we do. It’s just what I do. I am very organized and like to make sure all the details are taken care of. But for this past weekend, Steve suggested he’d plan a surprise weekend for us. I had no involvement, no knowledge, and no idea what we’d be doing.

It drove me crazy all week leading up to it. It turned out incredible.

We had dinner at our favourite Italian place, Terroni’s, and then went to the Bolshoi Ballet and saw their performance of Swan Lake. It was breathtaking and Steve and I were left wondering how they can jump and spin and move their feet the way they did. We spent the next day along the Harbourfront and ate churros (another first for us!) and laid in the sun watching circus performances that were on that day and chatted about anything and everything… life, circus (we are going to join one), what we’re going to do with our money once we become millionaires, starting our own business, making up words….you’d be surprised how much you can still talk about and learn from each other after all this time on a sunny afternoon 🙂

Lesson learned: Trust your man and just let go. 

Yes it may be hard to let go. Yes it was hard not knowing. But trust and have faith in your partner…don’t underestimate what they’re capable of. And even if things don’t go as planned, have an open mind and make the best of every moment. In the end, it’s about that special person, and not the details.

– Sharon.xo

Chompin on his first churro

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