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Hello. This is my pen. | Sharon

Steve and I have survived!! We have made it and he hasn’t left me! This past weekend Steve and I had a learning experience about each other while cleaning and organizing our first room together – mine.

So I’m a nerd. Tell me something I don’t know.

Girls are supposed to be clean right? Maybe. But not in my universe. My room isn’t a pig sty or anything (it still smells nice and looks pretty)…but it’s more of a hidden mess (i.e. random stuff crammed into drawers and shelves with no particular order…why can’t DVDs share a drawer with my journal and hair accessories and bank statements and sunglasses?). My philosophy: Just stick it somewhere and it will sort itself out and I won’t have to look at it. Steve has brought to light that that just doesn’t work and he has forced me to stop burying my head in the sand.

So, we cleaned. It was actually fun! …For Steve. He is the organizer out of the two of us. I’m great at organizing events and projects…but storage and home organization makes me want to stab myself in the eye with my lavender scented Swiffer duster. But what was fun was that by going through all my old crap, Steve got to learn a bit more about me. For example, he discovered a random note pad that said “Hello. This is my pen”. It is with this discovery that he realized the extent of my nerdiness and my love of stationary. Yes. I try out all my new pens right when I get home and write stupid messages like that. You gotta test out the flow of the ink and the grip on the pen…you know?? Further, he also learned just how much I absolutely hate organizing stuff from my incessant whining ever y 1.2 seconds. Out of this, I learned how incredibly patient and supportive he is. He kept me going (I was ready to stop after emptying out drawer 1 of 7), didn’t get mad at my whining and lack of focus (Ohh I was looking for these  sunglasses! *tries them on and looks at clothes they would match with*), and still loves me despite my messiness.

I hear about couples fighting as a result of getting used to each other’s living habits…and I think that’s normal. What matters is how you handle it and deal with each other. So yes, Steve gets bothered by lack of organization and I get anxiety when he puts bags that have been outdoors onto our bed (umm…I don’t want to sleep with all the germs of the TTC)…but so what? We love each other no matter what. We bring our strengths to each other’s weaknesses and recognize that bad habits can be fixed. It’s all about remembering the positive learning experiences we can have in every situation, not taking things personally, and being respectful of each other’s silly habits when addressing them.

Now, I am super organized and clean! ….Not quite.  Baby steps, right? I am improving and I’ve got my pro organizer with me to help me through it all. We just have to remember not to quit on each other and help each other improve for the better, so we can all have clean drawers and germless beds and live happily ever after.

Happy cleaning,


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