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Flashback: Prom | Sharon

Caught on camera: Whispering sweet nothings to Steven on prom night

So it’s that time of year for many high school students. It’s THE event, the climax of every student’s high school experience – PROM! We figured that we’d share a fun photo from our past: Steve and I on the night of our high school prom.

In high school, prom is the biggest deal. The dress, the hair, the date, the matching, the limo, the after party – everything had to be perfect. For us, my dress made it so that it was like having my knees tied together (I had to be lifted sideways to get into the car). My hair was done last minute. Steven could not find a vest in the same shade of blue (oh the horror!). The limo was late. The after party was a mess (typical)…But our prom was amazing because we made it that way and it was one of the best early memories we shared.

I never thought that my grade 9 crush would be my prom date  and would still be in my life now as my best friend and partner through everything. I guess he really did fall for all my wicked dance moves back then 😉

Happy dancing,


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