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Learning to Count | Sharon


We have an announcement: We have not actually been dating 5 years…*gasp*

We’ve been MIA. We know. We’ve been caught up with life and work and unfortunately, the blog dropped down on the priority list! However, things are getting back to normal and we’re trying to get back on track! In that time, I attended a reunion with an old group of friends. While recounting how our lives have been since we saw each other last, our updates included an overview of our love life.

In that update, something pretty significant was revealed to me by my old friend, Alison. The recount goes something like this:

Me: “Well, I’m still dating the same guy that I was seeing in high school. It’s been amazing and we just had our 5 year anniversary!”
Alison: Wait, what?
Me: Yea! Our 5 years was last December 🙂
Alison: No it wasn’t.
Me: Huh?
Alison: Matt and I started dating a month after you and we just had our 6 year anniversary! You’ve been dating 6 years and you’re onto year #7 in December this year.
Me: *laughs* Excuse??
Me texting Steve: Have we been dating 5 years or 6? Alison says it’s 6! Did we miscount??!
Steve responding after 4 min: …Hmm we may have counted wrong.

So not only did that reunion reveal some amazing things in my friends’ lives, it also showed me that Steve and I have somehow skipped an anniversary…and celebrated our “5th” anniversary and made a huge deal when in fact, it was already our 6th. We’re genuises, right?

But as they say…Time flies when you’re having fun 🙂 Whether it’s 5 years or 6 years or 20, who’s counting the days when you can count the smiles, memories, laughs, and amazing times? A great reminder to measure our lives in memories and special moments 🙂

Counting my blessings,

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