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Work vs. Love: Revisited | Sharon

About six months ago I quit my downtown Toronto job for a job uptown. This is a follow up to my post from January and talking about balancing work and love, where we are at now.

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The past couple months have been an adjustment period, getting used to each other’s schedules and obligations. For the most part things have been going well. While we would like to see each other more often during the week, late work hours, travel times between our offices and homes, the obligations involved with living at home, and limited access to our cars has made that difficult. That being said, we make sure to try to have a cut-off time for work (Steve, while being swamped with work most days, always makes the effort to say, “Okay at x time, work is done!” Of course, work issues come up now and then, but it’s important to make that effort whenever you can.) We also ensure to contact each other through the day to stay in touch. Our situation has challenged us to be a bit more creative in how we communicate:

  • Phone calls: We’ve started to relive our early dating days in high school where we had our marathon phone conversations of 2+ hours at times
  • Texts: We text throughout the day to check in from time to time and to vent or share some workplace drama
  • Skype: There are times when Steve works late and can’t talk on the phone or text. We’ve made use of Skype and have it open so I’m virtually keeping him company while he works and I’m just reading in bed and can still see each other and talk a bit
  • Emails: We try to send each other email updates or ideas of fun things to do, interesting articles or funny things that will make each other smile

There are days when it’s tough. When we’ve had a rough or stressful day at work and all we want to do is cuddle up and see each other but sometimes we just can’t. We hate waking up and missing each other. It sucks to go to sleep and feel like our bed is too empty. While we still have weekends, juggling plans with family and friends is another issue and through it all, there’s always that feeling of just not having enough time with each other!

However, we stay positive – our motivation is to save up to eventually get a place together (hopefully next year) đŸ™‚ Until then, we do the best we can and be as creative as we can be. From one perspective, this is helpful for us since it’s challenging us to find more innovative and romantic ways to stay in touch and keep each other updated on our lives. There’s worst things that we can go through as a couple. We just keep looking forward and working towards our goal and being the best we can be for each other on the way to getting there.

Trucking along,


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