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The Battle Continues…| Sharon

Pick One

As you may well be aware and as document by the date stamps on our blogs, we have been MIA for two full months. Shameful, according to all the rules of the blogging universe, we know. If only the blog was our full time job…to write about love all day would be bliss. Unfortunately, bills have to be paid and some semblance of a career needs to be developed.

And so we have once again found ourselves talking about something that keeps coming up in our relationship this year: work vs. life. This really has been a huge challenge for us as a couple and it has been exacerbated (yes! 10pm at night and I’m still using a fancy word) by the fact that we also don’t live together. With the little time that we do have after work, and with juggling exercise and family and friends and errands, I’m actually very proud of how we’ve managed to keep things special and to really make time for each other. Long hours, travelling for work, late meetings or conference calls or the constant “just let me get this one last thing done” mentality has really challenged us to be creative.

What keeps us going:

  • Knowing that there is more to life than our jobs – there is someone to come home (sort of, in our case) who loves you and will always be your number one fan
  • Seeing each other next – it’s motivating to plan weekend activities to do fun things or to do nothing at all and eat junk and watch Big Bang Theory all day long
  • Planning for the future – knowing that the money we are busting our butts for is going towards a future together
  • Each other – we help each other get through the tough days, celebrate the great days, and try to enjoy all the moments in between

We are working to get back into the swing of things on here – be patient with us! We promise to make time for you, our readers, as well 🙂

With love,


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