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Reflections at Cherry Beach

Learning on the Rocks – Original 365 Comic

Last Sunday Steve and I were downtown and decided to drive over to Cherry Beach.  Taking advantage of the weather before finally made its exit, we did some unexpected learning and reflecting on the rocks by the water.

Walking along the beach we chatted and caught up with each other after another busy week at work. It was relaxing – just what we needed after going through the week at a mile a minute. At one point we decided to sit on a rock, dip our feet in the water, and started throwing rocks into the lake. We started going through our stresses at work and involuntarily began to throw rocks into the water as we talked. As we kept going, we decided to throw one throw for each stressful thing we brought up, and then another afterwards to go along with a solution for that stress. It was oddly therapeutic.

There’s something about just being with each other by the water that we find so calming. Looking out into the water also puts things in perspective – it reminds us how small we are, and that stresses (even though they may seem big) come and go. We decided that would be our thing to do to unwind and distress – come by the water, chat, and chuck rocks as far as we could (although we haven’t decided what to do when winter comes…that’s a problem for future Steve and Sharon though.)

It’s nice to be able to distress from time to time but more importantly, to know that we can do that for each other. Finding comfort in each other, and knowing that we have that, helps us stay positive and keeps us going because we know we have someone we can lean on when things get rough.

Also, most importantly, I accurately identified a volcanic rock on the beach. (No I am not a nerd. Rocks are cool. Some people just don’t appreciate that.) How did that rock get to the shores of CherryBeach? Who knows. But that little rock travelled a long way and it seemed to make it okay 🙂

– Sharon.xo

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