Life and love from our point of view

Lazy Days

Bruno Mars says it best: Today we didn’t feel like doing anything. We just wanted to lay in bed… And watch movies like Starship Troopers. So that’s what we did. And it was awesome.

Blast from the past

After having a busy weekend in Kingston at work conference Friday and Saturday and Steve having worked a busy week and having a night out with his buddies, today was our lazy day. It’s always great to wind down with each other and do nothing. We laid in bed with our snacks, loaded up Netflix, and watched movies all afternoon. We usually have our best days together when we just hang out and leave all the crazy activities and outings for another time.

Work and life has a way of sucking all the time out of your schedule and somehow, weeks have passed and you have no idea how you get here. It’s important to remember to bring everything back to the basics and remember how awesome it is to just be with each other- no fancy outings or expensive gifts or activities.

Because if you can’t enjoy time alone together and really be yourself and feel 100% at ease and be truly happy, then what is your relationship really built on?

– S&S



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