Life and love from our point of view

About us.

just your average dorks

Who are we?

We are Sharon and Steve. We met in high school, became friends, and started dating in our last year. We were lucky enough to have chosen the same university and experienced university together as well. We work in the city of Toronto in marketing and insurance. We both currently live at home, but are looking to move out and find a place together soon!

Why did we make this blog?

We decided to do a blog because we wanted an activity to do together and thought it would be an interesting experiment for our relationship. Steve is the artistic one and Sharon likes to write and so we’ve decided to team up and do original blog posts accompanied by original comics.

Why should you read this blog?

Everyone has relationships and we all know what it’s like to love. This is our take on things and our little relationship experiment. We’re just your average guy and girl going through life. Hopefully you will relate to some things we experience. Maybe you are bored and came here on a whim. Maybe you are actually interested in what happens. In any case, we’re not making you read our blog (although we highly recommend you do.) But we hope you keep coming back and share some of your experiences and thoughts with us too! After all, we’re all just brothers and sisters going through this life together and sharing the same world right?

What makes us special?

Sharon is the writer in this partnership. She is spontaneous, optimistic, and passionate. Originally from Hong Kong, she came to Canada at the age of five. She deeply loves her family, friends, and of course, her boyfriend and is inspired by them every day. She is often ridiculous and crazy, and has an amazing ability to annoy Steve on a regular basis. She enjoys training in muay thai, eating mac and cheese, dancing at random, and laughing at nerdy jokes (She would tell you a good science one, but all the good ones argon). Pet peeves include gum stuck to cement, cigarette smoke, ignorance, and people who smack their food when they chew.

Steven is the artist for this blog. He is a creative guy with a love of art history. He is Italian and grew up in a suburb of Ontario. He enjoys sports such as soccer, boxing, and tickling his girlfriend mercilessly. Steve has a love affair (Sharon approved) with video games and will go to great lengths to get every achievement and trophy possible. Steve is funny, smart, sensitive, good looking…no wonder why Sharon is so crazy about him. He enjoys movies, music, sketching, and vanilla coke, and his pet peeves are people who talk loudly on public transit, people who walk unusually slow, and people who think they are better than others.

We are best friends, high school lovers, and complete opposites who ended up being a complete match.

Thank you for coming by our blog and sharing a moment in our lives.


© Copyright 2012. All original writing, artwork, and photos published on this blog are the property of the authors and are not to be copied, reproduced, or editted without the authors’ knowledge and permission.

4 thoughts on “About us.

  1. Love this! What a great idea. I’ll definitely be following.

  2. Sharon you are too cool!

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