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Reflections at Cherry Beach

Learning on the Rocks – Original 365 Comic

Last Sunday Steve and I were downtown and decided to drive over to Cherry Beach.  Taking advantage of the weather before finally made its exit, we did some unexpected learning and reflecting on the rocks by the water.

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B.A. Life (Honours) | Sharon

Yesterday I read an article in The Globe and Mail by Margaret Wente talking about what she learned in university, and that inspired Steve and I to start thinking about the things we learned.

While we can’t remember most of what we learned in class (What’s a demand curve again? Or that theory about that thing that happens in politics?), we did come up with a number of things we learned about life.

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The Battle Continues…| Sharon

Pick One

As you may well be aware and as document by the date stamps on our blogs, we have been MIA for two full months. Shameful, according to all the rules of the blogging universe, we know. If only the blog was our full time job…to write about love all day would be bliss. Unfortunately, bills have to be paid and some semblance of a career needs to be developed.

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Work vs. Love: Revisited | Sharon

About six months ago I quit my downtown Toronto job for a job uptown. This is a follow up to my post from January and talking about balancing work and love, where we are at now.

Found this image online – no copyright intended!

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Hello. This is my pen. | Sharon

Steve and I have survived!! We have made it and he hasn’t left me! This past weekend Steve and I had a learning experience about each other while cleaning and organizing our first room together – mine.

So I’m a nerd. Tell me something I don’t know.

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Fighting 101 | Sharon

In any relationship, there are moments where you are so full of love that you just want to burst with excitement. Then there are moments when you are annoyed as hell, and would like to have an immediate wrestling match with your significant other and just throw down. Here are some ways we’ve  learned how to get through fights.

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Love you more | Sharon

There are days when you feel great and feel on top of the world. You look awesome and you are awesome! But then there are also those days when you feel not-so-great, not good enough, not skinny enough, not fit enough, not <insert adjective> enough. This is one of those days.

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FIGHTS! | Steve

I have been debating on whether or not I should post articles about arguments Shar and I have had. It is incredibly personal but at the same time our intention was to create this blog as a record of our relationship and arguments are apart of it. So on that note, last week was our first argument in our over 5-year relationship… Read more…

Long Distance in the Same City | Sharon

As many of you may know, I recently left my job in Downtown Toronto in the heart of the Financial District and have moved on to a new opportunity located north east of the city in the heart of suburbia. While moving to this new job was definitely a better career move for me, I think it has started to have some unintended effects on our relationship.

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Lemonade for your relationship – Work vs. Love | Sharon

Today is Monday, everyone’s least favourite day if you have the typical Mon-Fri routine at work. It’s the end of a weekend and the start of another less-than-exciting work week. Today is my last Monday at my current job so for me, this is the best Monday ever.

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